Much has been written about the causes of

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Much has been written about the causes of unemployment in the opinion of many economists. Much dùng nh ư m t phó t ( much ñứ ng tr ướ c ñộ ng t nh ư ng ñứ ng sau very và sau c u trúc ph ñị nh c a câu): I don’t travel much these days. (much = very often) I much appreciate your help. (much=highly) We very much prefer the country to the town. Janet much enjoyed her stay with your family. Much too much / many so many ( ñể nh n m nh) dùng ñộ c l p sau m nh ñề chính, tr ướ c danh t mà nó b ng . The cost of a thirty-second commercial advertisement on a television show is $300,000, much too much for most business. Many a + singular noun + singular verb : Bi ế t bao nhiêu. Many a strong man has disheartened before such a challenge. (Bi ế t bao chàng trai tráng ki n ñ ã n n lòng tr ướ c m t th thách nh ư v y) I have been to the top of the Effeil tower many a time . Many’s the + {smt that / sbody who} + singular verb
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S ư u t m và thi ế t k ế b i Ph m Vi t V ũ - 77 – Tr ườ ng ðạ i H c Kinh T ế ð à N ng Many’s the student who couldn’t follow the post-graduate courses at universities and colleges under the pressure of money. (Bi ế t bao nhiêu sinh viên ñ ã không th theo h c các tr ườ ng ð H và C ð do thi ế u ti n) Many’s the promise that has been broken. (Bi ế t bao nhiêu l i h a ñ ã b ph n b i) 22.2 Phân bi t alot/ lots of/ plenty/ a great deal v i many/ much Các thành ng trên ñề u có ngh ĩ a t ươ ng ñươ ng v i much/ many (nhi u) và most ( ñ a ph n). A lot of/ lots of (informal) = a great deal/ a large number of/ much/ many (formal). Không có khác nhau gì m y gi a a lot of lots of . Ch ng chính sau hai thành ng này s quy ế t ñị nh vi c chia ñộ ng t . a lot of lots of | uncountable noun + singular verb | plural noun + plural verb A lot of time is needed to learn a language. Lots of us think it’s time for an election. Plenty of ñượ c dùng ph bi ế n trong informal English. Don’t rush, there’s plenty of time . Plenty of shops take checks. A large a mount of = a great deal of + non-count noun (formal English) I have thrown a large amount of old clothing. Mr Lucas has spent a great deal of time in the Far East. A lot a great deal có th ñượ c dùng làm phó t và v trí c a nó là cu i câu. On holiday we walk and swim a lot . The gorvernment seems to change its mind a great deal . 22.3 More & most More + noun/noun phrase : dùng nh ư m t ñị nh ng We need more time .
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Much has been written about the causes of unemployment in...

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