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Howard gardner the minds new science p 3 description

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(Howard Gardner, The Mind’s New Science p. 3) - Description, what’s going on in the Meno 12. He isn’t receiving messages from God! CONCLUSION He’s got a little radio receiver hidden in his ear. And his wife is reading off of so-called Prayer Cards that members of the audience filled out when they entered the auditorium. I saw this sham exposed on a NOVA video, Secrets of the Psychics . PREMISE - Explanation, tells how the man is not receiving messages from God - Argument 13. For males, conversation is the way to negotiate your status in the group and keep people from pushing you around. For females, on the other hand, conversation is to negotiate intimacy and closeness. - Assertions: no reasons to believe these are true, not obviously true 14. Even when there can be no doubt that a person intended to be making an argument, it is often not clear what the contents and structure of that argument are. People don’t always set out their opinions and their grounds for them clearly and explicitly. As evaluators, we usually have to interpret what they say so as to get as clear and accurate a picture as possible of the argument or arguments they are expressing. Doing so usually entails reconstructing the argument, an effort that resembles trying to infer the materials and structure of a house from a photograph of it: We have to infer details and what is under the surface from a partial view. (Johnson & Blair, Logical Self-Defense , p. 29) - Description 15. It is common to place the conclusion of an argument either at the beginning or at the end of a paragraph. This is definitely not a hard-and-fast rule because, first, stylistic considerations sometimes warrant placing the conclusion in the middle and, second, writers do not always organize their paragraphs in the clearest way possible. (Johnson & Blair, Logical Self-Defense , p. 31) - Explanation 16. The number of Muslims is steadily increasing in both the United States and especially in Europe. And, of course, much of the Earth’s oil reserve is located in the Arab world. So it is crucial that we do all we can to better understand the Islamic culture. SUBCONCLUSION We can see, then, that the United States needs to promote the study of Middle Eastern languages in this respect, CONCLUSION since communication with other cultures is the primary step towards understand them and building good relations with them. PREMISE - Argument 17. Sometimes the author’s viewpoint is not explicitly stated. Then you have to figure out what the author is driving at on the basis of what is said and the context in which the author is saying it. Finding the implicit conclusion like this is difficult at times and requires what has come to be called The Principle of Charity, in which you attribute to the author the most plausible claim. -
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Howard Gardner The Minds New Science p 3 Description whats...

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