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P 242 consumer products which customers see as

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5. (p. 242) Consumer products which customers see as basically the same and want to buy at the lowest price are called: a. heterogeneous shopping products. B . homogeneous shopping products. c. comparison products. d. unsought products. e. convenience products.
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6. (p. 243) Gavan and Rebekah want to buy a flat-screen TV. They look at several brands in several different stores before finally deciding on a Sharp. This set was the most expensive model they saw, but they felt it had better colors and would be more reliable. In this case, this TV is: 7. (p. 244) The fact that the demand for business products depends a lot on the demand for final consumer products is called: 8. (p. 250) ______________ means target customers will generally choose a particular brand over other brands--perhaps out of habit or past experience. 9. (p. 252) The law which focuses on the protection of trademarks and brand names is A . the Lanham Act. b. the Magnuson-Moss Act. c. the Uniform Product Code Act. d. the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. e. None of the above. 10. (p. 257) The Magnuson-Moss Act requires that: a. all firms provide written warranties for all products. B . a warranty must be clearly written, if one is offered. c. all warranties be strong warranties. d. all warranties be for at least one year. e. all of the above.
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