psychological sfrains such as job dissatisfaction anxiety and low self esteem b

Psychological sfrains such as job dissatisfaction

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psychological sfrains such as job dissatisfaction, anxiety, and low self-esteem; (b) physiological strains such as high blood pressure and elevated serum cholesterol: and (c) behavioral symptoms of strain such as smoking and dispensary visits” The latter conceptualization of stress is roughly consistent with that from engineering, where stress is viewed as a force that induces strain or deformation in that to which it is applied (McLean, 1974). The external load may cause overloading which produces irreversible strain or yielding. Such yielding may not prevent functioning although in time it may lead to rupture or breakdown. McLean (1974) noted that the engineering analogy has been considerably distorted and misapplied by many of its proponents. Margolis and Kroes (1974) define job stress as a condition at work interacting with worker characteristics to disrupt psychological or physiological homeostasis. The causal, situational conditions are job stressors, and the disrupted homeostasis is job-related strain. Margolis (P. 3).
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