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Thesis Final Report (long)

A no q do you bargain a i don’t but women do i come

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Unformatted text preview: A: No Q: Do you bargain? A: I don’t, but women do, I come cuz my children come here cuz they like buying things form here. They collect money to come and spend here. I’m a pathan so I just have to talk in pushto and the job is done Q: Where else do you shop from? A: I go to places like Stone Age, Aashiana, Park Towers etc. Q: Do you bargain there also? A: No because they have fixed price tags there Q: Do you have a preference of used over unused items? A: I don’t buy used items Q: Do you buy grocery from here? A: No Q: Where do you live? A:I live in Defence Phase 1 Q: How often do you come here? A: I come twice a month Q: How many children do you have? A: I have two kids Q: Do you come here with your kids or alone? A: I come here with my daughter, she’s like “chalo mama udhar chalo, mujhe who lena hai”, she’s a shopaholic. Respondent # 3 Gender: Female Income Bracket: 67 Age bracket: Late 20’s Profession: Employed Q: how frequently do you come to Sunday market? A: Twice a month Q: What kind of items do you purchase from here? A: shoes, bags Q: Any particular reason of u comin to Sunday market only and not goin anywhere else? A: Because Sunday market is a bit reasonable Q: Do you come here with a predefined shopping list? A: No Q: Do you set a budget for yourself before coming? A: No Q: Do you pay the price quoted by the shopkeeper or do you bargain? A: I bargain a lot Q: To what extent do u bargain if he quotes a price of 1000 to you? A: I would ask him to give it to me for 500 Q: How do you bargain? A: I have to be polite while bargaining because if you become rude, no one will entertain you Q: Do you go around telling people about how much you bargained here? A: No, I don’t like to admit that I buy stuff from Sunday market Q: DO you experience a sense of achievement after getting a good bargain? A: Yes the feeling is very nice and I feel proud of myself Q: Where do you live? A: I live in Clifton Q: Do you come with your family A: No necessarily, at times I come alone and at times my siblings come with me Q: Do you bargain on every item that yo want to purchase or just the items that you think are expensive? A: I bargain on every product that I want to buy Q: Do you have any preferences of used over unused products? A: Not really Q: Do you buy grocery from here? A: No Q: Why not? A: Because I get it cheaper from defence market Q: When you go for shopping to places like Tariq Road, do you bargain there also? A: Yes, of course I bargain there Q: Where do you think bargaining takes place most? Sunday market or other shops? A: I think over here there is more awareness of bargaining because when a shopkeeper sees someone from an upper class family, they would quote a higher price....
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A No Q Do you bargain A I don’t but women do I come cuz...

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