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8 it is imperative that the combatant commander or

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8) It is imperative that the combatant commander or Joint Task Force commandercoordinate closely with the _____ on military activities in a particular countrybecause, while not authorized to command military forces, he or she can denymilitary actions.AmbassadorForeign Policy AdvisorNational Security AdvisorSecretary of State
9) The Department of State assigns a _____ to combatant commanders, andincreasingly to Joint Task Force commanders, to provide foreign policyperspective and to establish linkage with U.S. embassies in the area ofresponsibility or joint operations area and the Department of State.
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10) The Joint Task Force (JTF) commander cannotdictate cooperation among other governmentalagencies, intergovernmental organizations, andnongovernmental organizations. In the absence of aformal command structure, JTFs are required to buildconsensus to achieve _____. [Remediation Accessed
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11) By virtue of their familiarity in a foreign country or region, _____ are a valuablesource of information for a Joint Task Force commander who may have neitheraccess to nor current information about the affected country or region.
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12) The _____ is a coordinating body and generally neither sets policy norconducts operations. The Joint Task Force commander should carefully considerthe location for easy access for agencies and organizations, force protection andsecurity.Joint Task Force (JTF) HeadquartersHumanitarian Operations Center (HOC)Civil-Military Operations Center (CMOC)Executive Steering Group (ESG)
13) In most situations, intergovernmental organizations and nongovernmentalorganizations need the following military capabilities:
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14) The difficulty some units face adapting their mindset to vastly changedconditions on their third or fourth deployment to the same location is known as_____ challenges.
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15) The major challenge in working toward unity of effort often comes from _____.
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