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5 defending democracy tom how i became an attorney

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Defending Democracy Tom: How? I became an attorney because I believe in the judicial system. My wanting to condemn him before he is even arraigned goes against the entire process. Just looking at him disgusts me. They both sit silently for a moment. Ellen puts her fork down and takes Toms hand Ellen: I’m sorry this is so tough on you. What are you going to do? Tom: Me too. I need to remember that deciding if he is guilty or not guilty is not my job. You’re right, I have a jury for that. I am simply there to attempt to create some doubt of his guilt. That’s all. If in the end the evidence is strong enough to ward off that doubt then the jury will decide his fate. Who knows, my research may discover something that creates enough doubt. He may in fact be found not guilty and the system will have worked in his favor. Regardless of which way the verdict goes, I will have done my job to the best of my ability. I will have defended democracy. 6
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Defending Democracy Reference Page Original story based on a concept created by: Keithley, K. (year unknown) In Defense of Democracy, Screenplay Retrieved from www.keithleyscreenplays.com Full screenplay is also attached. Courtroom logistics based on face to face speaking with: Doyle, D. Attorney. (2012) [email protected] , 508-294-4055 7
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