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9th largest median age 388 fertility rate 161

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9th largest Median Age: 38.8 Fertility Rate: 1.61 children per woman. Estimated 18M population decrease by 2030. Outlook and Comparison Intense pressure put upon family members due to low funding, and minimal living space to accommodate the aid of elders.
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In order for Russia to stay competitive in an ever increasingly globalized marketplace, it must be able to produce goods in quantities and prices to scale with other highly globalized countries. With the dramatic decrease in population, Russia will find that they have a much lower labor force and that their consumer market has decreased and become more compact Sweden Population o Total Population: 9,119,423 o Median Age: 42.2 years o Population Growth Rate: 0.168% per year o Sex Ratio: 0.98 Geography o Northern Europe, borders Finland and Norway. Also borders Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia. o Climate is typically mild Economy o Extensive welfare benefits to nation Politics o Constitutional Monarchy Culture o Tradition-focused culture Historical Phenomena
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9th largest Median Age 388 Fertility Rate 161 children per...

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