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Ratika sahai the young president batteries took the

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Ratika Sahai, the young President (Batteries), took the microphone as soon as the evening's last item, a dance recital, came to an end. "Thank you Rachana for your wonderful performance. Ladies and Gentlemen, before we wrap up this evening. I would like to invite our Chairman to the dais for his customary address". Amidst loud applause, Deepak made his way to the dais. "I hope all of you had a good time over the last 2 days. Although this is only our fourth get-together in as many years, I feel a tremendous sense of belonging. I hope you feel the same because, as a company, we will prosper only when all of us contribute our best". Total Vision 2010' To become a market-leader in each of the four business segments by ensuring total quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous innovation. "As I see it, " Deepak continued," the challenges before us are many. We need to become a more efficient company. We need to become more cost-competitive. Our products need to be of better quality, and we need to become more customer-friendly. The business environment today is vastly different from what it was when I joined Total. Unless we regularly re-vitalise the organization, change our mindsets, and revisit our basics, we cannot be competitive. What kind of company should Total be in another decade?" MS-11 2
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For about half a minute nobody replied. Then, Manoj Kohli, the President of the switchgears division, stood up to answer the question. "Probably the largest company in the country", he said. "Certainly the largest company, Manoj, but also the market-leader in all the segments we choose to be in", Deepak elaborated. "Do all of you feel that way ?" he threw the question at the audience. "Yes," pat came the chorus. "Let's keep that in mind when we return to our jobs tomorrow morning, and work towards making it happen. Once again, thank you all for being here, and I hope it was worth your while," Deepak said concluding his address. Kumar met up with his father near the exit, "Sir can you give me a ride back home," he asked. Kumar always "Sir-ed" his father in front of other executives. "What happened to your car ?" " I have it but I want to talk to you". Deepak gave him a quizzical look but did not say anything. After saying good bye to his departing colleagues, Abhinav joined his father who was already seated in the car. "So, what do think dad? Did it go off well ?" "Of course, it did. Do you have any doubts?" "Not about the party but something did strike me as odd." "What ?" Deepak asked, his curiosity piqued. "Remember when you asked what kind of a company Total should be in another 10 years?" "Yes, What about it ?" Didn't it strike you as odd that there was a long silence before Manoj replied ?
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