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MKTG 300 - Tic Tac Memo

America south america because this will give us the

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America, South America) because this will give us the largest population to test and more accurate results as to whether our new packaging is effective or not. We could create a tin, more like the Altoids containers, to distribute the individual packs to make Tic Tacs easier to get out of the package. I have personally struggled at times with this because there will be some mints that get stuck in the top/bottom of the Tic Tac container that are nearly impossible to get out to consume. To the consumer, this is a frustrating concept and can cause them to discontinue purchasing out product. Another way to fix this problem could be to make the containers just the slightest bit thinner and add that extra area to the height. The consumer still gets the same amount of product but without the worry that they mints will get stuck across the top or bottom. When we test this new packaging, we could also exhibit a new flavor to draw in more attention. The Bottom Line To regain our number one market share, we need to change something. Packaging seems like a great place to help gain new consumers while also helping keep our current consumers happy and loyal. We should pick a few of our strongest markets and distribute the new packages/flavor there first. We should package new and old flavors in the new packaging to make sure that we are covering all of our consumers needs. Once we have a decent amount of data, we can use that to see whether the new package was successful or not. If so, we can choose more markets to target and continue gathering data from there. In the end, the goal is to maximize our profits, widen our customer base and expand our market share to become the number one breath mint once again.
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