The subsidiaries shall have minimum paid up capital

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The subsidiaries shall have minimum paid up capital of Rs 1,000 million that is equal to the capital requirement for full-fledged commercial banks. Islamic Banking through Stand-alone Branches For Part-III of the strategy, guidelines for opening of stand-alone branches for Islamic banking by existing commercial banks, enlisting eligibility criteria, licensing requirements and other operational details on the subject were issued on January 1 2003. The criteria pertain to financial strength of the applicant bank as evident from its capital base (net capital free of actual and potential losses), adequacy of its capital structure, record of earning capabilities, future earning prospects of the bank, managerial capabilities, bank’s liquidity position, track record of the bank’s adherence to prudential regulations, credit discipline, quality of customer services and the convenience and the needs of the population of the area to be served by the proposed branches. Further, banks seeking permission should have CAMELS rating of 1, 2 and 3 in the last ON-SITE inspection and there should not be major adverse inspection findings against the bank. The applying bank is required to submit proposal to the State Bank, outlining the following details: • Number of branches along with name of city where the Islamic Banking Branch (IBB) is to be offered within the next financial year. • Products and services to be offered by the IBB including deposits, financing, investment, etc. • Method of segregating the funds of IBB from the funds of commercial banking of the applying bank. • Infrastructure and logistic requirements, including manpower and training programs. • The name, qualification and experience of Shariah Adviser (s), and • Accounting aspects, such as accounting policies to be followed, profit and loss sharing mechanism, manuals, etc. The bank will also be required to set up Islamic Banking Division (IBD) at the Head Office/Country Office in Pakistan. The responsibilities of this Division have been depicted in detail. The bank would also appoint a Shariah adviser/Shariah Supervisory Committee consisting of Shariah scholar(s) of repute to advise the IBD on matters pertaining to Shariah. Moreover, the bank shall ensure that proper systems and controls are in place in order to ensure segregation of funds and to protect the interest of depositors. The banks shall ensure proper maintenance of records for all transactions for disclosure of assets, liabilities, expenses and income of IBD/IBB(s). The IBD will also comply with statutory liquidity and cash reserve requirements determined by SBP. As regards the status of Islamic banking industry in the country (End June 2004), Meezan Bank is operating with 10 branches in 5 cities as a full fledged Islamic bank. In addition to it, 5 banks (MCB, Bank of Khyber, Bank Alfalah, Habib Bank AG Zurich and Standard Chartered Bank) have been issued licenses for 12 dedicated Islamic Banking Branches (IBB) of which 10 branches are operating in Karachi, Islamabad,
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The subsidiaries shall have minimum paid up capital of Rs...

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