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On Line Scavenger Hunt with answers

Im not sure what gha means i just know it is

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I’m not sure what GHA means, I just know it is associated with the Gig Harbor Campus. I took English 95, and it was a very easy course. h. Now look up Communication Skills (CMST&) 101. What are the di ff erences between item numbers? And now that you are really curious, what is the di ff erence between OL and HOL classes? And what’s the best choice for you? There are many di ff erences from the item numbers. OL stands for online, and HOL stands for hybrid online. time.
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i. Let’s suppose you’ve always had an interest in Cultures. Check out Anth&100! Now imagine you’ve always loved “bones and skeletons”. Look at Anth237. What pre-req will you need to take for this class? I couldn’t find Anth 237 for this semester or next semester, nor in the archives. j. Have fun looking over the many possibilities of classes available future Quarters. As you prepare to find the best classes for yourself, please make a back-up plan in case one of your classes fills up first. What are the other considerations you’ll take into account when planning your next quarter and subsequent quarters? I planned my class schedule for my whole time at TCC by looking at the pre-reqs that need to be taken. 2. Let’s go explore your Student Portal! Sign in to MY TCC. A whole new world awaits you! Preparing for future quarters takes e ff ort and flexibility. Here’s what you need to do: k. If you haven’t already done so with your Advisor, please make your Educational Plan for at least two future Quarters. (For Spring ’13 you’ll have to “imagine” the possibilities!)
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