The tail on the other hand is always swishing flies off the animals back so it

The tail on the other hand is always swishing flies

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most tender part. The tail, on the other hand, is always swishing flies off the animal's back, so it is quite tough. The leg is tender on the top where the rump is located and on the inside of the leg where the topside and round primals are located. The outside primal cut, the silverside, is tougher because this muscle is used more.
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SITHCCC014 Prepare Meat Dishes Carcass Tenderness page # RTO 31302 Back The tenderloin and striploin cuts are among the most tender cuts of beef, as the muscles do not do much work. Tender and fatty cuts of meat are suitable for dry cookery methods such as grilling and roasting. Tail The tail is quite tough and sinewy as the muscle is being used constantly. Moist heat cookery methods, especially boiling and stewing, are the most appropriate choices. Neck The neck region contains a lot of connective tissue and the muscles are used quite often. Moist heat cookery methods such as braising and stewing is often used to allow the collagen to break down and intensify the flavours. Front Leg Shin The shanks are in constant use, so the muscle tends to be dry, tough and sinewy. It can be used for soups and stews, as well as for ground beef which is then grilled. Tongue The tongue is made of pure muscle and is very tough. Boiling and braising are popular cookery methods
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