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Thesis Final Report (long)

Can we also record the audio of this interview a yes

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Can we also record the audio of this interview? A: Yes Gender: Male Income Bracket: Age bracket: 18 Profession: Student Q: Where is your residence? A: Where do I live? I live in Clifton Q: How frequently do you visit Sunday Bazaar? A: uhhh I come here after every two weeks Q: How old are you? A: I am 18 Q: And you are currently studying? A: Yes currently I am studying in NED University Q: Why do you come to Sunday Bazaar? A: Because we can get good things over here on cheaper rates Q: Do you come alone or with someone? A: No usually I come with my friends Q: What items do you purchase from here? A: Whatever I see that I like… I buy that… I never have anything fixed in mind Q: What do you usually purchase from here? Jeans? A: I buy slippers, chappals, joggers… etc Q: Are these secondhand or brand new? A: I prefer buying from secondhand because they are available in good condition and are durable Q: Why do you purchase items from this market? 111
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A: These items are coming directly from abroad and they last longer as they are good condition. They are even better than brand-new items Q: Do you bargain? A: Yup I do.. Q: Do you prefer bargaining alone or with people? A: I prefer bargaining alone because I don’t like it when someone breaks into the conversation Q: So would you bargain at a crowded shop? A: No I wouldn’t as it wouldn’t be the same thing then. It is a matter of image too Q: Do you come here with a predefined budget in mind? A: No I don’t have a budget in mind. I spend whatever I have at the moment Q: Do you have lunch here too at the food court? A: No no! However, if I feel hungry I have something.. I don’t come here with a mindset to have lunch Q: So do you discuss your purchases, through bargaining, with your friends? A: Yes I do. They themselves take me to bargain for them Q: Do you think that you are a good bargainer? A: Yes I believe I am Q: and your friends believe the same? A: Yes they take me along to bargain for them wherever they go Q: Tell me what are the qualities that a good bargainer should have? A: Well no matter how much the retailer quotes don’t agree to it. Pretend that it is very expensive if you have to. Q: Let’s say I am selling a shirt for Rs. 1000, how much would you buy it for? A: Well I would pretend that the shirt is expensive even if it is for Rs.2000 at a Nike store. How much I will buy it for? I will ask him to quote a last price for it and whatever he says I will at least quote Rs. 100 less than that Q: So when you like a shirt, how do you start a conversation with the retailer? A: I greet him well with “Salam Dua”. I ask him his name, his age and then tell him that he is my brother and then I start bargaining for it Q: Are females better bargainers than males? A: That is confusing… females do it but mostly it is the “aunties” (older age) ones. The younger lot doesn’t bargain but the younger males can do it. Males are better bargainers as females start crying for it. They go like “give it” and the retailer just gives in. Males do proper bargaining Q: Don’t you think that the way females bargain, according to you, is more effective?
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