Each of these reading applications is worth 10 points Think It and Post It

Each of these reading applications is worth 10 points

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Each of these reading applications is worth 10 points. Think It and Post It… There will be regular discussion postings of responses to content-related questions. Each of these postings is worth 5 points. Mini Projects There will be four mini projects designed to cover different aspects of the field of Educational Statistics. Detailed information and instructions for each project will be posted on Each of these projects is worth 20 points. - Mini Project #1: Expanded Venn Diagram This project calls for you to compare and contrast three measures of variability: range, variance, and standard deviation. - Mini Project #2: Unveiling the Use (or Misuse) of Correlation in the Mass Media This project requires you to critique newspaper or magazine summaries of research that misrepresent reports of correlation.
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5/10 - Mini Project #3: Digging Deeper: Investigating the Null and Research Hypotheses In this project, you will list null and research hypotheses (implied or explicitly stated) from various empirical research articles of your area of interest. - Mini Project #4: The Murky World of Statistical Inferences This project requires you to critically evaluate studies that report results of tests of significance that might potentially lead to improper conclusions. Final Application Project: This project requires you to demonstrate mastery of the concepts and theories covered in this course, so as to make connections between statistics and the real world. You will find a newspaper article and look for the accompanying research article as the original source. You will answer a series of questions analyzing the assertions presented in the newspaper article. This project has Part One (20 points) and Part Two (40 points). This project is worth 60 points. Grading: Grades will be calculated according to the following: Reading Applications --------------------------------------------120 points possible Think It and Post It… ----------------------------------------------30 points possible Mini Projects ------------------------------------------------------ 80 points possible Final Application Project ---------------------------------------- 60 points possible A = 265 290 points B = 239 264 points C = 213 238 points D = 187 212 points F = 186 and below Assignments and projects MUST be type-written and submitted through eCampus. Handwritten assignments will be returned and can be re-submitted once they are typed. All assignments will be submitted by the due date. Assignments turned in more than one week after the due date will receive half credit . This extension of one week after the due date allows you to re-do an assignment if you choose and re-submit it within that one week. Please note that eCampus allows up to 3 submissions per assignment.
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