Lecture 7 April 25, 2013 _The Collective Self_ 3-per-page

Makes the self feel good 18 principles of social

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Makes the self feel good. 18 Principles of Social Identity Theory z Individuals strive to achieve or to maintain positive social identity. z Positive social identity is based to a large extent on favorable comparisons that can be made between the in-group and some relevant out-groups: the in- group must be perceived as positively differentiated or distinct from the relevant out-groups. z When social identity is unsatisfactory, individuals will strive either to leave their existing group and join some more positively distinct group and/or to make their existing group more positively distinct.
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7 19 Positive Distinctiveness at a Cost… 20 The Minimal Group Paradigm (Tajfel, Billig, Bundy, & Flament, 1971) z No face-to-face interaction between subjects z Anonymity z No rational link between categorization criteria and response z No benefit to self of particular response 21 Begin with Categorization
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