You will have opportunities to practice in class and

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grade is based on your performance of research activities. You will have opportunities to practice in class and in other ungraded assignments. By the end of this course, you should be able to: 1. explain the role research plays in the advancement of knowledge about communication 2. understand the basic principles of communication research, 3. understand basic research design concepts, [notice that items 1 through 3 have nothing to do with statistics] 4. have a basic understanding of the role of statistics and other analytical techniques in the research process 5. critically evaluate published research 6. apply basic research principles to your own research designs COURSE REQUIREMENTS: ASSIGNMENTS AND EVALUATION: The following evaluations will allow you to demonstrate your competencies in the course: 1. Successful completion of Human Subjects Training Required; no exceptions 2. Check in exam; online 10% 3. Literature review worksheet 10% 4. Quantitative research design worksheet 10% 5. Stats worksheet 10% 6. Quantitative article analysis worksheet 10%
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