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Explain how internet technology supports business to

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- Explain how Internet technology supports business-to-business e-commerce. Internet technology supports B2B e-commerce in the same way it supports B2C e- commerce, the difference being businesses are able to provide special portals for companies and registered employees of companies. Businesses can streamline their purchasing of products from other companies by shopping for supplies from vendors, request proposals, and, in some cases, bid to make a purchase at a desired price form various companies. Internet also supports B2b by giving companies a much faster way to communicate with each other via e-mail, this can help businesses stay up to date with new products offered or price changes in their goods for a much quicker purchase. Businesses can also offer business specific information sites for other businesses to view, which provide information about a particular industry for its companies and their employees. These include specialized search sites and trade and industry standards organization sites. Businesses through their website could also set up special portals to a discussion group that pertains to the type of business they are in, this allows employees and others to trade information and learn about new products or business helpful information. Internet technology supports B2B in many ways, and the bottom line is that it can save time and a large amount of money for companies when they use the Internet to conduct business with other companies.
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