language adjust accountability and develop nursing practices broad indicates

Language adjust accountability and develop nursing

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language, adjust accountability and develop nursing practices broad indicates that there is a solution to all this barriers. Understanding this concept can motivate both professional and practicing nurses to put more
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effort to find applicable solution that would help to make nursing practice better than they are today. Research Analysis Matrix Add more rows if necessary Strengths of the Research Limitations/Weaknesse s of the Research Relevancy to Topic of Interest Notes As descriptive- based research this study provides an in-depth analysis of the barriers that hinder nurses from realizing their full potential during clinical practices Since the research only provides a description of the barriers and their respective solution without showing the degree of effect of these barrier and solution; the results cannot be test or verified The in-depth description helps to identify various barriers that impact nursing practices today. There are different barriers that affect nursing practices and one of this barrier include government limitation such as strict restrictions which contributes to decay during nursing practices as well as increased cost of providing care to patients. Nurses also experience issues with limited engagement, increased complexity in clinical practices, communication barriers and conflict of interest. It also help to precisely describe how these barriers can It is also difficult to identify the precise cause of the problems or to some extent the research may reveal Providing a précises description of solution help to identify Lucatorto, Thomas & Siek (2016) suggest that poor collaboration
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