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6 the enzyme primase lays down rna primers that will

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6. The enzyme _______primase_______ lays down RNA primers that will be used by_______________________ as a starting point to build the new complementarystrands.7. ___________DNA POL III____________ adds the appropriate deoxyribonucleosidetriphosphates to the 3! end of the new strand using the template strand as a guide.The energy in the phosphate bonds is used to drive the process.8. The __________leading_______ strand is built continuously toward the replicationfork.The __________lagging________ strand, composed of short segments of DNA knownas
Name:PCB3063 Genetics DNA Replication HomeworkDate: 10/12/19_______________okazaki fragments________________, is built discontinuously awayfrom the replication fork.9. ____________DNA POL I___________ excises the RNA primers and replaces themwiththe appropriate deoxyribonucleotides. __________DNA ligase_______________ joinsthegaps in the Okazaki fragments by the creation of a _____phosphodiester________bond.10.____________DNA POL I___________and _______DNA POL III_________proofread byexcising incorrectly paired nucleotides at the end of the complementarystrand and adding the correct nucleotides.
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