not only but also \u8fde\u63a5\u4e24\u4e2a\u4e3b\u8bed\u65f6\u8c13\u8bed\u52a8\u8bcd\u8981\u548c\u4e0e\u5176\u6700\u8fd1\u7684\u4e3b\u8bed\u4fdd\u6301\u4eba\u79f0\u548c\u6570\u7684\u4e00\u81f4\u4f8b\u5982 Not only the students but

Not only but also

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2. not only … but also 连接两个主语时,谓语动词要和与其最近的主语保持人称和数的一致。例如:Not only the students but also the teacher wasagainst the plan. / Not only the teacher but also the students were against the plan. 3. not only … but also 不能用在否定句中。例如: 误: They don't fear not only hardship but also death. 正: They fear neither hardship nor death. 正: They don't fear either hardship or death.
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ChaseDream PREP2008 语法笔记 Practice Test #1 34 4. not only … but also 连接两个分句,并且 not only 位于句首时,第一个分句中的主语和谓语要部分 倒装。例如: Not only does the sun give us light, but also it gives us heat. Not only did he speak English correctly, but he also speaks it fluently. 《新编英语语法》薄冰 P633 Not only does he compose music, but he also play./ Not only does he have to type out the answer on a computer, but he also gets the computer to translate it into sounds. 《新编英语语法》章振邦 1005 She was not only compelled to stay at home, but she was also forbidden to see her friends 英语语法大全上的例句是 : Not only did they break into his office and steal his books, but they also tore up his manuscripts. 所以我个人认为在倒装的情况下 ,but also 是可以被主语拆开的 . 这里附上 ring_cheng 的观点 : 倒装时可以在短语中插入某类成分,如: not only did sb do sth, but sb also did sth (之所以前后都加入主语,不是为了连接主语,而是为了句子的对仗工整而补足主语,连接 的其实是主语的两个不同的谓语动作。又因为 not only 在句首已经倒装过了,所以 but also 用正常语序 即可。依然满足句子平衡的要求) . 如大全 354 but also 被主语 + 助动词拆开 : 354.In 1978 a national study found that not only had many contractors licensed by a self-policing private guild failed to pass qualifying exams, they in addition falsified their references. A.they in addition falsified their references B.they had their references falsified in addition C.but they had also falsified their referencesD.they had also falsified their referencesCE.but their references were falsified as well 198. (GWD-1-Q23) Past assessments of the Brazilian rain forest have used satellite images to tally deforested areas, where farmers and ranchers have clear-cut and burned all the trees, but such work has not addressed either logging, which is the removal of only selected trees, as well as surface fires, burning down individual trees but do not denude the forest. A. which is the removal of only selected trees, as well as surface fires, burning B. which removes only selected trees, or surface fires that burn C. which removes only selected trees, along with surface fires that burn D. removing only selected trees, or surface fires, burning E. removing only selected trees, as well as surface fires that burn 题目释义: …, but such work has not addressed either logging, which…, or surface fires, that burn…but do not denude the forest… 考点: 1. 定语从句与分词短语作定语的区别: 1) 定语从句强调具体时间具体动作 , 以及动作的一次性 ; 1. 分词短语强调笼统不确定的时间,抽象 / 客观 / 重复性 / 多次性的行为 2) 都可以接受时 , 分词短语优于定语从句 ( 更简洁 ), 定语从句要转换为分词短语 ( 但不能引起歧义或破 坏平行 )
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