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On hot days i wear as light amount of clothes as

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wet. On hot days, I wear as light amount of clothes as possible, but the cold and rainy days this is not always sufficient. If the weather is too cold or maybe storming, I have prompted myself to walk or jog in place while watching television, as this helps time pass while indoors. My next goal is to view different stresses in my life differently. Nothing is ever as bad as it first appears, and there is always a solution. A positive outlook on life and different situations is a good way to alleviate stress and thus the reduction of heart disease. While stress itself is a possible factor of risk, it could also be that high stress levels have something to do with other factors at some point. Take this for example: A situation might stress someone, causing them to then eat more than normal. Then this action may cause the blood pressure to rise, and then smoke a cigarette. It seems to me that if there is a way to lessen the stress in my life, I will then be able to focus on other goals. One way to lower stress is to concentrate on exercises such as breathing. Exercises are a good way to reduce stress in one’s life as well. I recently learned that a couple in our church is providing exercising classes on Saturday evenings, so I joined them. I have marked the date and time on my calendar so as not to forget. There is only one way that I will have to miss these classes, which is when my children have a game that night. If this is the case, I plan to exercise on my own on a different day of the week. I will simply repeat the same exercise that is currently being help that week.
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HEALTHY EATING, NUTRITION, AND EXERCISE 5 As for the next goal to be working towards, I am doing away with extra calories during meal time. At my age and height, a healthy daily caloric intake for me should be around 1500 calories (Shape Fit, 2008). I am accustomed to eating way more than this, so obviously, eating a lower amount than what I am accustomed to will show a weight reduction soon, even if I did not exercise. One of my goals in this goal is to reduce the amount of cokes I have been drinking, down to at least one a day. Even though I drink diet sodas, they are still full of sugars and calories. Now, as an example, suppose you drink about three sodas a day, as I do. Each one has about 110 calories each. So at
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