0887 Hang glider Flinders Ranges Wing tip 1 Nil Australia Wedge tailed eagle 1

0887 hang glider flinders ranges wing tip 1 nil

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rolling pull-up, overstressed the right wing which failed, and the aircraft crashed. --.08.87 Hang glider Flinders Ranges Wing tip 1 Nil Australia Wedge-tailed eagle 1 serious While thermalling at 2,700 ft a Wedge-tailed eagle ( Aquila audax , 3.5 kg) attacked the hang- glider, on it’s third attack it dislodged the wing tip tensioner slackening one wing. It spiralled down and was wrecked hospitalising the pilot. There had been similar incidents in the area. 17.09.87 Schweizer 164 Weiner, Arizona None 2 1 piston USA 1 fatal 1 serious During an agricultural flight to chase birds from a rice field, the aircraft struck a large flock of birds. The pilot was distracted and the wheels touched the crop and the aircraft overturned. Neither occupant was restrained, the passenger of the single seat aircraft was found dead outside the cockpit. Several dead birds were found at the accident site. 24.11.87 Osprey Homebuild Cape Liptrap Windshield 1 1 piston Australia At 70 kts just after take-off, the windshield was shattered by a bird, wind blast impairing the pilot’s vision. After landing and shutting down, the back of the aircraft was found to be on fire. The pilot escaped but the aircraft was burnt out. It is believed the bird damaged a fuel line allowing fuel to spray onto the hot exhaust.
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21 Thorpe 11.02.88 Cessna 172P East Hampton, NY 1 1 piston USA 1 fatal Shortly after take-off on a local flight the pilot radioed that he had struck birds and could not maintain control, the aircraft crashing into the sea about 1 mile off-shore killing the pilot. 26.12.91 Piper PA31 Navajo Musiara, Maasi- Windshield 9 5Y-SRV 2 piston Mara, Kenya Vulture 9 fatal A DC3 had suffered a collapsed landing gear and had over-run. The PA 31 flew over the site, which was not it’s destination, probably to show the passengers. At about 250 ft and a fairly high cruise speed it struck a White-backed vulture ( Gyps africanus , 5.4 kg). It oscillated, banked and pitched down uncontrollably before crashing and burning just beyond the end of the runway killing all occupants. Witnesses had seen a black object fall from the aircraft, these were found to be the vulture and part of the windshield. The autopsy on the pilot revealed pre-impact spinal injuries.
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22 Thorpe 25.01.92 Cessna 401 Maasi-Mara Controls 7 5Y-BGW 2 piston Kenya Marabou stork 7 fatal