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Vla supplementary notes attitudes and values o 10

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VLA ; supplementary notes) Attitudes and Values o 10 points (key sources are: VLA) Enforcing ground rules and team development o Team culture; process; leadership 20 points (key sources are: LEAD ch 11 and others; supplementary notes) Teams will design and administer evaluation forms (surveys) for instructor feedback, member feedback, and class feedback o Criteria for success based on evaluation conducted (e.g. satisfaction of the team members, evaluation of your work performance by those involved, satisfaction of the audience) 5 points (key chapters are: LEAD ch 11 [see questionnaire on page 267); VLA; supplementary notes and material posted in course home for sample surveys) Outcomes realized, actions etc. that led to success o 10 points (range of course concepts from LEAD; VLA, supplementary notes) Outcomes you expected or would have preferred o 5 points Problems encountered and why o 10 points (range of course concepts LEAD; VLA, supplementary notes) Issues faced with planning/analysis/presentation/evaluation etc.
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