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Little did he know that when they do awake from limbo

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head. Little did he know that when they do awake from Limbo, that idea of Mal’s world being unreal would stay in her head. Plato would be impressed by Dom’s character because Dom also symbolizes the return of the person who escapes. Although Dom escaped the dream world, he returns to it in order to help Mr. Saito. Dom then also tries to tell his wife in the dream world that 4
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her world is not real, yet she replies by saying, “You don’t believe in one reality anymore, so choose.” Dom tried to enlighten his wife with the right path back to reality. If Plato were to watch Inception he would be impressed by the writers for using some of his theories very well throughout the movie. Inception is a movie about what people believe their reality is, and those who do not question the concept of their reality. For example, Mal thought Limbo was her reality, but her husband Dom believed Limbo was fake and unreal. Inception relates back to Plato’s theories in numerous ways and if he were to watch the film he would be amazed. Plato would consider Mal to be a chained person by accepting her world the way it was, and not trying to aim for a higher ideal. Dom would be the enlightened individual who understands that Limbo is not true reality, and he is also the ‘return of the person who escapes,’ by trying to show Mal the correct path. The world outside of the dream world is where people are enlightened by what is actually real; similarly people who escape from a cave realize that there is a world outside of the cave. The Soul: What Will Happen to Yours? There are many theories on what happens to a soul when a person dies. Some people such as Descartes believe the soul is immortal, separate from the mind & body, and a part of God. However, other people such as Aristotle think the soul is not separate from the body, and is not immortal.
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