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He may have even meant it as a joke and everyone who

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the artist was thinking. He may have even meant it as a joke and everyone who looks at it just doesn't understand the humor. Each of the characters, however, are now free to put their own ideas of what it could mean into the painting. Serge is convinced there is color in the panting, even though it is all white. He may be seeing color reflections of objects in the room when the light hits it the right way. Yvan wobbles back and forth agreeing with Serge or Marc, he does not seem to have an opinion of his own, even after he stands up for himself at the end of the play. Marc at first thinks the painting is terrible. It's nothing, it's ludicrous. However, after defacing and then cleaning the painting, he comes around and begins to see something in the white. He sees snow and clouds and cold and a white glow and he sees the man he drew on the canvas disappearing into space. Marc's final opinion of the painting brings us back to the point about the artist putting meaning into their work. We do not know what the real artist was thinking when he made it, but he know what Marc was thinking when he drew on it. Even though they cleaned the marker off, the idea of that picture still is there for everyone who saw it. He not only projected his ideas on to the white, he physically put them there. He became the artist at that moment. “Art” is trying to show the viewers and readers that art is anything you can put meaning into. Not everyone has to agree on it, which is why not everyone likes the same kind of art. But even if it not agreed upon by everyone, it still provokes pretty strong emotions and reactions. Art is very powerful.
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