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Well for over 50 years it is easy to see why the

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well for over 50 years, it is easy to see why the employees would not want to change, especially when much of that change is at the expense of their livelihoods. Browning’s main predicament is how to rejuvenate White Cap while not demoralizing the loyal work force and management. In order make real, measurable change, he needs to strike quickly, however this could upset the balance of the company and cause it to possibly collapse. Plan of Action for Browning One of the major influences in making measurable change is in the planning stage. To start off, Browning should do more research into the power dynamics of the company and find out who the major influencers are, because having those people on his side will cause a chain reaction when it comes to creating urgency for change in the company, which is the second step. Obviously, Lawson as the successor to the White family legacy will be a key player in implementing any new change to the company and as such should be someone that Browning should integrate in his plans and should be one of the first people he brings on board to his plans. Involving the key players in his plans should be another step that should be implemented around several months after Browning
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has become fully integrated with the atmosphere and power dynamics of the company. Although Browning’s superior is trying to urge him to work quickly, being thorough in his planning will only help the process be more smooth and effective, which is why he should definitely take as much time is necessary to plan in order to successfully implement change at White Cap. After researching and planning the first several months
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