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Running head historical perspective seek other

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Running Head: Historical Perspective seek other educational options for their children with their own resources. This is another program that could create a governmental dependency for families. SAA is making states and its school districts financially responsible for their failing schools. School districts will have to carry the financial burden of low performing schools and try to bring them up to standards. States should not only be held accountable financially but with the federal government as well if they do not properly govern the low performing schools. While states do need to be held responsible they still need some federal regulation. Each of the policies discussed have been beneficial to the education standards of school districts across the country. These have caused them to become positively competitive in their teaching and learning outcomes. Children should not have to suffer the consequences of a society that adults have created. They should be able to learn and develop skills that will help them develop their own opinions of what their educational goals will be. Therefore the curriculum should not only be for standardized testing but also for the lessons they will learn post elementary and secondary education.
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Running Head: Historical Perspective Works Cited Education, U. D. (2005, February). NCLB Annual Report. Retrieved October 26, 2012, from No Child Left Behind: http://www2.ed.gov/about/reports/annual/nclb/nclbrpt2005.pdf Kline, J. (2012, January 8). Studnet Success Act. Retrieved October 27, 2012, from edworkforce: http://edworkforce.house.gov/uploadedfiles/the_student_success_act.pdf Thank you for your studious effort. I appreciate your efforts. You provided a great overview of the policies. But, the paper failed to identify social, economic, and political environments. Additionally the reference page did not meet APA standard format. See Attached Paper http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/18/ Review APA formatting from the link above. Purdue online Writing Lab or Strayer Resources CTL
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