Amino butyric acid meet criterion for a

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-amino-butyric acid) Meet criterion for a neurotransmitter: 1) synthesized within neurons 2) packaged and stored within neurons 3) released from neurons upon depolarization 4) also have transporters for reuptake ***all of the above also true for astrocytes
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-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) - GAD (glutamate decarboxylase) converts glutamate to GABA (requires pyridoxal phosphate as cofactor) -enriched in cytosol and synaptosomes (terminals) -2 isoforms GAD65* and GAD67 (90% sequence homology) - GABA-T (GABA aminotransferase or GABA transaminase) -mitochondrial enzyme; cytosol of neurons and astrocytes -transfers the amino group from GABA to -ketoglutarate -products are succinic semialdehyde (gets converted into succinate) and glutamate
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