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Business Plan Timeline 20110825 v3

Outline overt benefit dramatic difference real reason

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Outline overt benefit, dramatic difference, real reason to believe 4. Market Research and Analysis o Consider your competitors o Who are your direct competitors? Indirect competitors? Potential future competitors? o What product/service do they provide? o What alternatives do they provide? o What can you learn from their shortcomings/successes? o Demonstrate the need for your business o If you will be the first, how do you intend to maintain barriers to entry? o How do you address the need better than your competitors? 5. Financials o Must include the following for each quarter for 5 years: Pro-forma income statement Pro-forma balance sheet Pro-forma cash flow o The money in the cash flow is a summary of what is on the income statement and balance sheet—make sure that these numbers come from those two statements o Footnote anything and everything that might raise questions 6. Marketing Plan o Explain how you will identify, attract, and keep potential customers o DO NOT OVERLOOK THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS SECTION; IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU HAVE A SIGNIFICANT PLAN TO ATTRACT CUSTOMERS 7. Operations Plan o This outlines not simply the day to day operations but more the logistics of running the business from startup through expansion o If you intend to create a model that you would like to replicate, think about how important it is to refine operations and how much room for innovation you will have 8. Management Team o Explain why your experience makes you a valuable resource for the business Warshay ENGN1930x 91a264a04eea9d065aba15ab9a23f98de94c12be.doc 4
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o Anticipate additional hires down the line 9. Overall Schedule o Startup schedule – How do you intend to start this business? o Expansion schedule – What is the timeline for expansion? What is the geography of expansion? o Cost schedule – When do you need money? Where? What will it be used for? 10. Critical Risks, Problems, and Assumptions o Apart from outlining these, think of feasible solutions for them 11. Proposed Company Offering o How much money are you raising in this round? o How much money do you anticipate raising in total over the life of the company? o What kind of investor are you looking for? e.g., what kind of value are you looking for an investor to add beyond their cash? 12. Exit Strategy o How can an investor take their money out? o If via acquisition, in general what type of company might be interested? Warshay ENGN1930x 91a264a04eea9d065aba15ab9a23f98de94c12be.doc 5
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Outline overt benefit dramatic difference real reason to...

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