6 2172018 3 what are 3 aspects a theory tries to

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2/17/2018 3 What are 3 aspects a theory tries to address? Can we prove something in science? Basic Principles and Applications Theories of Child and Adolescent Development Importance of the unconscious mind DO NOT TAKE HIS THEORY SERIOUSLY Methods: free association dream interpretation psychoanalytic psychotherapy Did not Conduct experiments Collect data Test ideas
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2/17/2018 4 Functional systems in the mind Id present at birth, represents physiological drives (pleasure- seeking) Ego planning, and delay of gratification (reality principle) Superego morals and high standards for behavior Four Main Stages of Development Good observation, but lack of scientific testing 11 Conditioned Emotional Reactions Watson, Rayner, and Little Albert Unconditioned Stimulus; noise Unconditioned Response; fear Conditioned Stimulus; white lab rat Conditioned Response; fear
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