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Cover is somewhat seen in a prejudice light because

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cover is somewhat seen in a prejudice light because it was called “racially insensitive” by USAtoday. LeBron James, who happens to be the first African American male to ever be featured on the legendary Vogue magazine, is portrayed as a beast of sorts. Knowing that King Kong was a ferocious, man-eating, terrorizing creature that controlled the fate of many subjects of his environment; LeBron has become known for being the deciding factor in many games and championships by dominating the court through his massive size over the other players and terrorizing the opposing team through taunts and skill. In the modern day image, LeBron holds his mouth open as if he is roaring just like King Kong roars. The image plays into the stereotype of the aggressive black male. While, both images portray some sort of aggression Gisele seems to be happy in the image, almost graceful. This a contradiction to the other image where the woman is being taken against her will. In prospect, the image Gisele and LeBron’s portrayal of
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King Kong and his victim is supposed to depicted as a fashionable version being that Vogue is a high fashion publication. The two are posed, or modeling, while the 1933 King Kong depiction was illustrated to show a scene being captured. One may say that LeBron and Gisele’s picture portray a scene but only in terms of showing Gisele’s elegance and LeBron’s basketball power. Being that LeBron’s and Gisele’s body position demonstrates their fit bodies because the two are part of Vogue’s shape issue; with LeBron sharing his secrets of being the world’s star athlete and Gisele being the world’s top model. The pose more so shows the shape of Gisele’s body and LeBron’s toned arm muscle to emphasize the shape issue’s promotion of fitness and health consciousness.
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