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K he decides to rent he is only involved business

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k. He decides to rent? He is only involved. Business intent will not sever. It is not an agreement. l. Does the grant of a lease by Fred sever the JT? It suspends the JT in equity for the period of the lease. (F v Unger). That 38
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suspension is only as so far as is necessary to protect the lessee. i. Unilateral act? ii. Course of dealing? m. Does Irene get anything? n. Bank will proceed against Fred’s estate due to debt. Bank cannot proceed against the property because the mortgage will disappear along with Fred’s interest. G will get her fee simple mortgage free. o. Irene can still claim the rent. p. Rights and obligations between G and Irene. Each co-owner has possession of the whole of the land. q. Improvements – You cannot claim for improvements until the co-ownership has come to an end. Ginger is the sole owner. Under the common law the lesser of the market value increase/ actual expenditure was what you claimed – unless G would apply for part of the recent profits where Irene could claim from actual expenditure. r. Statutory provision (part 4 PLA) – can only claim for “reasonable” amounts. Reverts back to CL anyway – perhaps. s. Fred used his own labour. Old common law prohibits Irene from claiming for Fred’s labour. Irene can claim for materials. t. Mortgage Repayments u. Fred made all the mortgage repayments even though they were both jointly liable under the mortgage. Common law rules apply. Common law rules do not allow you to claim for mortgage repayments. v. If she claims for improvements G will able to have access to occupation rents. S 233 3(a). You can claim under common law is you have been excluded/ ousted – NA. w. Quantum for Occupation Rent x. Under CL you can only claim occupation rent up to the amount of the improvements claim. y. Under the statutory provisions you are not restricted to claiming for the amount of improvements. z. Irene may claim, but only up to the amount for improvements. aa.Rents and Profits bb.Can claim regardless of improvements claim. (Does not require a termination of the co-ownership). cc. If Part 4 applied s233 would kick in and VCAT could make and accounting of rents and profits pursuant to s28(a) of the PLA. dd.G can claim for the rent from Harry and the horse profits. ee. Henderson – you cannot claim self-exertion income. Horse profits may be excluded. The rent will not be excluded. Topic 6 Unregistered Interests in the Torrens System How can Equitable Interests Arise? Equitable interests may arise pursuant to an enforceable K of sale. 39
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Barry – If there was a voidable transfer there was no interest. The Torrens legislation does not destroy fundamental doctrines of prop law. S 41 does not cut down or merge the pre-existing right that lead to its execution. The TLA does not touch the form of the K or obligations to fulfil it.
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k He decides to rent He is only involved Business intent...

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