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And at sometimes i forgot to report things because i

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And at sometimes I forgot to report things because I got overwhelmed. This is a huge problem that I need to learn how to fix rather quickly. 7c3. Unplanned situations that I was most successful in was asking other PSAs for help. If I needed something I asked if they could help me find something or help me with a patient. I also helped them if they needed anything, and this helped in the long run because I never feel behind. 7c4. I would like to improve on my better questioning. I feel out of place to question things and make sure something is done right. But in reality it is for the patients safety so I need to come out of my shell more. I was also more shy then I would like to be. 7c5. Next time I come into work and until I get comfortable with my job, I will bring in a list of questions so that I make things better for myself. I will also talk more to nurses and ask questions about certain things that I do not feel comfortable with. I will also like to make more friends so I can come out of my shell a little better. But I did notice I had a lot more confidence this week than I have in previous weeks.
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