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Assignment 2.1 Restaurant Review

It is brought out how long to get the check how

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it is brought out, how long to get the check, how attentive the waiter is during the meal: refilling drinks, bringing napkins, asking about desert, were the waiters friendly. These small details have a great impact on overall dining experience. -Was there a long wait time? How do reservations, seating, and checking in work? -What is the attitude of the waitstaff? What about their style/appearance? -Do things in the “front of house” seem well organized and like they’re running smoothly? If not, why not? And were they aware/apologetic about any problems? -“Was the staff attentive, informative, friendly? Or were they the opposite?” “Are waiters too slow, or do they rush you?” *ATMOSPHERE/AMBIANCE -Location: what neighborhood is the restaurant in? What kinds of surroundings? How about the building? -“Is it a bit run-down? Is the restaurant a small café? Or a large two-floor restaurant? What kind of people does the restaurant appeal to? Business men? Families? Elderly people? What is the reputation of the restaurant? In a bit of detail describe what the interior and exterior of the restaurant is like. -What is the restaurant’s décor like? Does it make sense with the overall concept? Is it comfortable and pleasing? (lighting, decorations, how the tables are arranged…) “For example, some comic theme restaurants will decorate their restaurant similar to an item or scene in the comic book. Maybe their waiters and waitress also wear costume pretending that they are the character in the comic book story. And their food and menu will be related to the comic book story.” [Um, where is this restaurant?] -Clientele: what kinds of people are eating here? Is it crowded? Was there a wait? Is it family friendly? Do you need (and do they accept) reservations? -Cleanliness -“How do you as a reviewer feels as you walk into the restaurant?” Style/Individuality : How will you make this review your own? -Is there anything particularly interesting about how/why the restaurant came to be, or anything new/different/interesting about how it operates? -Description of personal experience, emotional response to meal -tone/voice, and audience: who are you writing for and who do you hope to sound like? “Use a unique voice when writing your review; if the user is bored to death by what you write they probably won’t be too interested in your opinion on the establishment in question.” -Are there “any little anecdotes or stories you had from your experience” that it might be useful to include? -How will you focus/structure your review so it has a specific approach and
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it is brought out how long to get the check how attentive...

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