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Went on first used by the french but germany used it

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went on; first used by the French, but Germany used it at a large scale; tear gas, sneeze gas, chlorine was used (caused choking), phosgene (fatal), mustard gas (internal / external blistering; odorless); use of poison gas was banned after WWI - Tank : British first to use it; Navy developed them; once you reach a stalemate, you dig down to create trenches & put barbed wire around it – but tanks could break through it; often broke down; heat & conditions inside made it difficult for drivers; France had ~4,000 while Germany had ~20 Lots of trenches & extended very far
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11/20/12 Fraser’s life – (Canadian) lots of death, it was a burden, disorganization of leadership, gory – traumatizing; little sleep; lots of disease spread by rats was a big problem; lice also – caused trench fever : a really high fever – solution was to escape conditions (leave trenches for a while); trench foot : fumble infection of the feet by cold, wet, sanitary conditions – amplified athlete’s foot water would fill during rain; shell shock; dulling of the senses
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