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This includes increasing the followers self esteem

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This includes increasing the follower's self-esteem and making the job more interesting. This approach is best when the work is stressful, boring or hazardous Directive leadership Telling followers what needs to be done and giving appropriate guidance along the way. This includes giving them schedules of specific work to be done at specific times. Rewards may also be increased as needed and role ambiguity decreased (by telling them what they should be doing). This may be used when the task is unstructured and complex and the follower is inexperienced. This increases the follower's sense of security and control and hence is appropriate to the situation. Participative leadership Consulting with followers and taking their ideas into account when making decisions and taking particular actions. This approach is best when the followers are expert and their advice is both needed and they expect to be able to give it. Achievement-oriented leadership Setting challenging goals, both in work and in self- improvement (and often together). High standards are demonstrated and expected. The leader shows faith in the capabilities of the follower to succeed. This approach is best when the task is complex. Source: http://changingminds.org/disciplines/leadership/styles/situational_leadership_hersey_blanchard.h tm The 1995 Auto Sales Inc. Scenario Training Program Title Team Building for Directors and Personnel Training Goal To establish a Supportive and Collaborative Organizational Culture Resources/ Human and Material Supervisors, Old Employees, New employees
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Topics Objectives Activities Time Frame Corporate Values and Goals To orient new employees on the company’s Mission-Vision; and To “re-visit” and strengthen employees’ corporate values Lecture on: 1. Company’s Mission-Vision 2. Company’s success stories/Performance report Presentation of the New Strategic Plans Open Forum 4 hours Organizational Structures and Culture To review the company’s organizational structure; And To familiarize with the company policies Presentation of: 1. Company Organizational Structure, and 2. Company Policies Open Forum 4 hours Communication To understand the importance of Communication in corporate success; To highlight the role of effective communication in developing corporate unity and cooperation. Lecture on: 1. Communication and Corporate Success 2. Developing Effective Communication in Building Corporate Teamwork Focused Group Discussion on the topic, “Factors contributing to group unity and disunity”. Presentation of Group Outputs Open Forum 5 hours Motivation To identify the employees’ motivation and personal leadership orientations Lecture on: 1. What is Motivation? 2. Enhancing Group Morale Workshop on “Personal Motivation and Leadership Orientation” Voluntary Individual Sharing 4 hours Implementation of change To conduct an environmental (internal & external) scanning.
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