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Low estate which to my mind is more than being healed

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low estate, which to my mind is more than being healed of leprosy; nevertheless he did not presume to entrust his kingdom to God. – supporting Questioning Constantine as to why he would just give up his empire? Disinheriting and disowning it. They only complaining about the loss and shame that had been brought upon them – he has caused great disloyalty – defrauding child of expected succession to the empire, while having reigned with father in partnership Now all the people are deprived of the principality – they are banished from their paternal homes, native land During the battle, the citizens were ready to seek death in order to defend their land, not ready to have it taken from them – now EVERYONE suffers the consequences due to Constantine’s poor decision-making. Will they be compensated? Constantine just GAVE the land to another – not considerate to the citizens
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They even say if Constantine does not give his empire to Sylvester, they will be willing to
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