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mkgt part 2_loganstidham

Message theme or the one thing find a mobile phone

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Message theme or “The One Thing.” Find a mobile phone anywhere in the country with just on little tag, which can be placed discreetly on the phone its self without anyone noticing it.
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Creative Idea and Message Design Type(s) of appeal you think would be most effective. The best appeal to use is one that everyone would and that is the thought of losing something. Linking the ad to a memory or recent event will bring up thoughts of lost objects and the consumer wanting to protect their mobile phones from a similar fate. Develop a creative concept and provide a “thumbnail” sketch or rough layout. A simple advertisement of a couch or bench with a mobile phone left on it while the owner of the phone walks away unaware that he has left it. A simple ad would with a simple function a message would contact with the target audience. See attachment . Media Strategy Select one or more specific media vehicles. The two media vehicles that would best promote the ID Tag would be advertising on cnet.com and placing ads in Macworld magazine. Provide a rationale for each using selectivity, cost, reach, frequency, etc. Cnet.com reaches a large audience with over a million visitors each month. Cnet also has a large Apple community that visits regularly and Cnet reviews on new product are some of the best on the web. The cost for advertising can be expensive ranging in the hundreds of thousands for having the front of their webpage coated in a specific advertisement, but dose have lower cost options for small ads which if pared with mobile phone reviews could be the best option. Since the site is always online it is always available when the consumer wants information, but the downside is mobile sites on phones the advertising is smaller and can be easily avoided. MacWorld is forced mostly on Apple products and since the largest share of the mobile phone market is the iPhone advertising in the magazine would reach a large portion of a target market audience. About 23% of MacWorld readers say they will be buying a new smart phone within the next 6 months. MacWorld charges $38,700 for one full page ad in their magazine, but the more advertising that is bought the price can drop down almost $5,000. The magazine comes out monthly so the wait time for the advertisement could be ineffective. Expanding the Promotional Mix Select one additional promotional tool Sales promotion would be the best promotional tool for the product to use. The ID Tag is a product that would not benefit from public relations promoting because it’s an accessory to an existing product. Promoting the ID tag thought cross promotion or coupons would be a better use of resources in making the ID tag successful. Develop the specific tool/strategy. Developing a market strategy with another company such a HTC or Motorola in where once someone buys one of their mobile phones, they find a coupon for the ID tag in the box; the consumer would be able to use the coupon to get half off the product. Marketing the ID tag along side of mobile phones would be the best strategy cross-promoting the product with different phones or offering coupons with each phones purchase could lead to gaining market dominance.
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Message theme or The One Thing Find a mobile phone anywhere...

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