Hirsch amazing ingredients we find in the rainforest

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Hirsch amazing ingredients we find in the rainforest, 25% of the active ingredients in cancer-fighting drugs today come from only specific organisms that live in the rainforest and nowhere else in the world(T. Sibona). A person with lymphocytic leukemia has almost a 100% chance of surviving thanks to a rosy periwinkle plant that is found in the rainforest. Many other drugs are also from the rainforest, such as Curare, which came from a tropical vine and is used as an anesthetic and is used to relax muscles during surgery. Another drug is Quinine, this drug is from the Cinchona tree, and is used to treat malaria. If a cure for cancer or AIDS is ever to be found, it will more than likely come from the tropical rainforests. Rainforests are Earth’s oldest living ecosystem. Deforestation is damaging their existence greatly. It affects our lives and our world more than we know and it will affect our future in more negative ways than imaginable. Experts fear that the last remaining amount of rainforests could be destroyed completely in less than 40 years. We would lose much more than we know not only the beauty but also many vital things. Plants and animals that cannot exist anywhere else, can survive in the rainforest. Habitats are being destroyed along with the all the animals and plants that live there. Weather patterns are being affected as well along with ingredients to hundreds of medicines, and soon these ingredients will be gone. One-fifth of our world’s fresh water is also located in the Amazon Basin, and if that ends up destroyed so will our fresh water source.
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Hirsch amazing ingredients we find in the rainforest 25 of...

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