Our newly hired instruction support staff member now

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Our newly hired instruction support staff member now provides better communication of expectations to TAs. In addition, instructors have been asked to provide timely feedback as necessary throughout the term and to flag exceptional (both good and bad) performance to the graduate officer at the end of each term. The Department is still in the process of working through a TA agreement that would detail individual TA tasks, expected time commitments, financial support and conditions of continuation. This has not been implemented to date due to revisions to Policy 30 (Employment of Graduate Student Teaching Assistants), which are close to completion. 5. Sessional lecturers, especially those teaching for the first time, should have a faculty mentor. The mentor could help with the content of the course material and the exams. In large courses involving TAs, the mentor could also be involved in TA supervision. Both sessional lecturers and TAs are graduate students; it might therefore be difficult for a sessional lecturer to reprimand TAs whose work is not adequate. The mentor could help with TA supervision. Status: Completed Details: The Department implemented this recommendation starting in Fall 2016. We have a faculty teaching mentor who matches experienced instructors with anyone teaching a particular course for the first time. Documentation on teaching issues that are normally provided to new faculty hires are now also provided to new sessional instructors. 6. Mentoring is important to facilitate the integration of new faculty and to introduce them to the Waterloo tradition. This may be best accomplished by pairing them with an experienced faculty for a joint task force, say the teaching or a two-sections service course. Their integration might be facilitated by having them involved with academic committees managing the programs of the Department. They might also be given the opportunity to present their research results in a Departmental seminar, without the stress of a job interview. 37 of 138