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Chasm/Quality%20Chasm%202001%20%20report%20brief.pdf Health Promotion Health promotion, like health and health disparities, has been defined in many ways. According to the World Health Organization (2014), health promotion is the "process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health." This definition includes screening, education, programs for behavioral change, and increasing patient involvement in their own care. Prevention —Prevention represents a series of strategies and interventions to either deter or minimize the consequences of disease or injury, at a population level. Due to the amount of resources which are spent on preventable injuries and illnesses, the ACA has a huge focus on prevention. The Agency for Health Research and Quality have enacted initiatives in Shared Decision Making, Self-Management, Literacy Tools and more to support prevention practices between providers and patients. Screening — The United States Protective and Safety Task Force (USPSTF), determines the recommendations and evidence for screening in the US – USPSTF is housed under the Agency for Health, Research and Quality. Behavior Change —Behavioral change is at the basis of most intervention programs. Behavioral change includes physical, psychological, cultural, religious and other factors not always easy to influence. Page 3 of 2 NSG 6006 Pre-Specialty Evaluation ©2017 South University
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