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One Author Quote Hall (1999, p.175) suggests that “the grass is greener in England than Australia due to climate and soil quality” Paraphrase Hall (1999, p.175) argues that in England the colour of the grass is more verdant as a result of environmental factors. Summary Hall (1999) implies that environmental factors affect the colour of grass Multiple Authors Two Authors Gates and Lance (2007, p.134) define motivation as... According to Crisp and Fish (2000), Three or more authors, one text Jones et al. (2001) purport that .... Two or more separate texts Michelson (2006) and Steel and Smith (2004) claim that... Using a cited author Michael (2005, p.34 cited in Jones 2007, p.123) Point focused In-text Referencing Point focused referencing is useful when you are summarising complex ideas, concepts, strategies or when you want to focus on the information. Putting the reference at the end of a sentence takes emphasis from the author’s name and can suggest that you are summarising. When you paraphrase or summarise , place the reference at the end of the paraphrasing: Work intensification is a current trend wherein employees are working longer hours and are working more intensely than in previous generations (De Cieri 2005). How do you write in-text references using the Harvard style? You include the author’s family name, the year of publication and sometimes the page number in parentheses inside or at the end of a sentence in the text of your assignment e.g. (McCloskey 2006, p. 63) If the author is part of the grammar of the sentence then the parentheses are around the year and page number only, e.g. McCloskey (2006, p.63) argues that ... . If your source is a website and there is no personal author or page number you provide the name of the organization responsible for the site name, and the year of update e.g. (Asian Development Bank 2002)
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