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Business Unit 3 discussion question

I can use this information in school by making sure i

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makes sense since I learn very little by hearing. I can use this information in school by making sure I read all of the information on the slides during my seminars not simply scan them and listen to the lecture. I also would get repeatedly frustrated with myself for not being able to sit still. I shake my foot, tap my pencil and even sway back and forth while I am reading. I thought that was just a nervous habit and wondered why I was nervous, I was just reading. Now I know that it is actually a way that I learn and I SHOULD be doing those things while I read. It has helped me at work because I now understand my need to just get it done. Give me the task and let me go at it. I find it annoying to read directions. I also understand others need to stop and read the directions. Now instead of rushing them to get going, I get started and let them read what they need to. It still frustrates me, but at least I understand it now and no longer rush them. My three strongest categories in the MI assessment were kinaesthetic, logical, and visual, in that order. These results further my understanding of my learning styles by boosting my confidence. It’s good to know there is a reason for the things that I do and that I’m not just weird like my daughter says. It has also increased my curiosity of others. When I see people react to things I tend to stop and think about why they did what they did instead of just reacting to what they have done.
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