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In that moment jeremy had to make a choice he could

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was making jokes about having butter knife left over from breakfast to use as a weapon. In that moment Jeremy had to make a choice. He could either die while talking with his wife or he could do something and die possibly making a difference and maybe even save others. He chose the latter. Right then he crossed the threshold from fear to courage and determination. He took action and told the others to get ready. He told his wife to stay on the phone because he would be right back. Those were the last words he would ever speak to her. The four passengers, led by Jeremy, put up a great fight. So great in fact that the hijacker in charge of flying the plane began to roll the plane from side to side to throw them off balance and stop the attack. Ultimately the plane did crash and Jeremy along with everyone else on the plane, were lost. According to the audio tapes taken from the planes black box, the rebellion was able to overcome the adversity and got into the cockpit causing the hijacker to crash the plane sooner than he had planned. It crashed 20 flight minutes from Washington. The loss of the passengers on that plane were a great loss however the heroism of Jeremy and the others, I believe, saved hundreds, possibly thousands of other lives depending on what the final crash site was intended to be. Jeremy was a hero and
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embodies my definition of courage because he put his personal well being aside for the sake of others. Without knowing it, he set the wheels in motion for what was about to become one of the United States of America’s finest hours. He showed the hijackers and the world, come if you must but we will stand united and we will fight back.
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