Millennium Development Goals provided the overall framework for Rwandas

Millennium development goals provided the overall

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Millennium Development Goals provided the overall framework for Rwanda’s development strategy. There are a lot of list of Vision 2020 National Development Plan of Rwanda. Rwanda aims to reconstruction of their nation which Rwanda plan to reconstructed, modern, united, and prosperous nation and open to its Diaspora. Besides, Rwanda plan to enhance modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry which is increasing its quality, quantity and value. In addition, only 50% of the population will be employed in primary agricultural production and 50% of farms will use modern methods to improved varieties and breeds. Besides, Rwanda also aims to improve their land use management, urban development and basic infrastructure. For instance, Rwanda want to build a modern and well-maintained road network connecting to the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Then, it will be a sub-regional hub for air and railway transport. Rwanda also aims to have a better human resource development which is Rwanda’s population will be fully literate and have raised and diversified professional and technical skills. Major epidemics (AIDS, Malaria)
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and causes of death will be under control and the population will have more access to quality health services. One of the President Kagame’s long -term development strategy for economic development is community gatherings that was used by National Unity and Reconciliation Commission to facilitate community dialogue and implement community-led projects such as rebuilding schools, beautifying parks and improving public spaces. The Gender Action Plan also was initiated to eliminate discrimination against women and Law Reform Commission was created to reform of the judicial system. The other long-term development strategy is the Rwanda Information Technology Authority that was created to support ICT development in Rwanda. The strategy has given benefit to all government ministries and agencies to connected to the Internet and develop integration of ICT systems. Besides, Rwanda also have strategy to prohibiting gender discrimination, restrictions on labor mobility and wage controls by created the Labor Law. 4. What program initiatives did the Rwandan government implement to foster innovation and competitiveness? The government had created the “Rwanda National Innovation and Competitiveness” program (RNIC), whereby they were working with local leaders and had identified coffee, tourism and tea having the potential to generate $1.3 billion in revenue with an investment of $293 million. Also, annual strategy retreats for government ministers and key leaders were initiated to gauge progress toward vision 2020 and assess strategi