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Bob wants to learn about the opinion of all osu

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12. Bob wants to learn about the opinion of all OSU students regarding the cost of their college education. If he samples 1,000 students at random from the dorms, which of the following statements describes undercoverage in this problem? a. A student has been selected at random but doesn’t return the survey. b. A student living off campus has no way of being included in the sample.
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c. A student answers the survey questions but doesn’t respond with the correct information. d. All of the above. For problems 13-15. A cell phone company wants to test to see how their phones hold up under different situations. Three types of phones are tested (type 1, type 2, type 3), each one under 4 different scenarios: dropping it in water, exposing it to excessive heat, dropping on the floor, or nothing (control group). 10 new phones of each type are tested under each scenario, assigned at random. After the test is completed, each phone is tested to see if it still works. 13. In this experiment, how many treatments are there? 14. What is the response variable? 15. How many phones must be used for this experiment in order to make it work?
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