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Criminology Lecture Notes

Did use strain but not in a way that is equated with

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Did use strain, but not in a way that is equated with poverty Discussion 2/9/2012 . Exam . Everything up until Feb 6 th . Multiple choice . Summary . Durkheim . Anomie: normlessness, deregulation, . Merton . Anomie: rejection of cultural goals and/or institutional means . Messner and Rosenfield . Weak institutions (everything except the economy) . Messner and Rosenfield . Culture structure crime OR structure culture crime . Culture = values and goals, internalization of shared goals/values . Avoid arguments of tautology . Institutions: functions to keep a society working and balanced . Regulate individuals’ actions and behavior (ex. Economy, there is no regulation) . Pattern of action . Norms + values . Statuses + roles . Groups + orgs . Cullen p. 181 – . Pattern of action . Education: study just to get a job . Economics are embedded into the education – people just go to school to make more money . P. 260 – Lanier – glance at it
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