C working software over comprehensive documentation d

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c. Working software over comprehensive documentation. d. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. e. All of the above. 4. Which one of the following statements best represents an example of giving a poor impression about analysts to stakeholders? a. Analysts understanding users’ expectations b. Analysts talking in a business language that users appreciate c. Analysts look well dressed d. D. Analysts talking in technical jargons 5. A major benefit of object-oriented design and programming techniques over other programming paradigm is ____. a. data encapsulation
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b. succinctness of programs c. availability of third-party libraries d. mature and active research 6. A metaphor of human-computer interaction (HCI) in which the interactions between the user and the computer can be seen as conversations, is referred to as ____. a. document metaphor b. direct manipulation metaphor c. desktop system units d. dialog metaphor 7. Researching vendor solutions can be useful in information gathering when ____. a. users do not have time for interviews b. similar problems have been solved by other companies c. all stakeholders have been identified and available d. users are widely distributed geographically 8. Which one of the following statements best represents a benefit of phased deployment strategy? a. increases complexity b. clarifies management complexity c. reduces management complexity d. D. invite more activities, milestones and management complexity 9. Which one of the following statements does not represent an essential element of storyboard prototype? a. who the users are b. where the users are c. what happens to the behaviour of users d. how the interactions happen
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