Rule of law to recover a product liability action the

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Rule of Law: To recover a product liability action, the plaintiff must prove that the injury resulted from the product and that it was unreasonably dangerous. In order to determine the comprehension of the warning label, it is necessary to determine it with an objective standard. The warning was clear. Problems 1. Yes, Florabelle can recover damages, because commercial product sellers must provide reasonable instructions and warnings about risks of injury associated with their products. Failure to warn renders the product not reasonably safe and entitles the purchaser recovery. 2. Dentley: was unaware of the warnings, but he should have spoken to Young about effects. Vertical privity.
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Janine Nipal Young: should have known better and could get in trouble for selling product in hazardous conditions. Talent Company: is strictly liable for manufacturing defects. 3. If the product is actually manufactured from Roe, than John Doe may be successful in his lawsuit. If it is not Roe’s product, than John Doe should sue the company who manufactures “Bleach-All.” 4. As long as Allen shows proof that there was a clear design defect, than he can recover damages. 5. There was a design defect in the product. Sloan failed to warn Butler and his wife that there was a defect. However, Sloan’s contract mentioned that the seller does not warrant the condition or performance of any used automobile.
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Rule of Law To recover a product liability action the...

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